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Where can I find my billing information?
It's not difficult as it seems just like any social or commercial website. First, you just have to sign-up. Then, just with a chunk of information, you can create your own account. But before this.
After signing up, a separate ID with a password is allocated to you to see all the billing information and your account activities.
What online payments are accepted?
It's a growing gateway, so initially, we are hitting only two widely used platforms, PayPal and Credit cards. The main reason is to ensure the safety and integrity of your accounts because both of these are entirely secure by private chains. Moreover, you just have to deposit the amount in your account (at zero cost) and then transfer it through our platform.
Health insurance include smoking problems?
Now, after the internet world is like a global village. Buying and selling internationally becomes so easier that you can get anything at a distance from your palm. Therefore, you just need to offer the retailers a digitally secure platform where they can collect their money. This platform is called a payment gateway. It works in a very simple way; a buyer comes to buy anything from an e-commerce store through his credit/debit card, and the money will be transferred to the seller's wallet.
Comparing the payment gateways: What are the available options?
There are many payment gateways, but there're multiple factors from payments schedules to system stability that one should consider in mind. For example, Moneywseift offers instant cash out, Full data encryption, No hidden charges, Multiple auto invoicing tools (VAS), Level III processing to deal with custom orders.
How i2ri works?
Basically, it's an IT firm that offers tons of services; some of its mainstream services are Data center management and system administration. It also offers recruitments for IT support and project management related to their services.
How long does it take to build a website?
Website building involves various factors. The most important is your budget. If you’re working on a micro-niche store or content website, it takes almost one month. But if you're planning to launch a professional website, it takes almost 3 months. The delay time is totally dependent upon your customization and satisfaction.
What size companies do you produce web designs for?
Client satisfaction is our priority. Our company portfolio speaks itself as we have many Canadian companies on our panel like topiptv, mooneyswift. Furthermore, there are many ongoing projects, but their names can't be disclosed in such initial stages due to privacy terms.
Do you work internationally?
Being a digital service provider, we offer our services to the whole world. But mainly, our focus is North America, Australia, and Europe. However, we are also eagerly waiting for central Asian countries because here we see a lot of room for improvement in IT.
Do you offer ongoing help with our new site once it's launched?
Being a service provider company, we provide every kind of web development assistance. Our priority is to provide post-sales services. Suppose if your site is launched and you're facing any trouble, you can contact us and get it done in a couple of hours.
Do you provide the SEO for my freelance platform?
Search engine optimization involves a lot of strategies, and it varies with time. So, all in all, it's an ongoing procedure. We also specialize in SEO for any freelance platforms, but as it's an extra service, so you need to subscribe to it separately to enjoy its perks.
Will my website work on smartphones and tablets as well?
Whether your website is of which type of freelance service website or an e-commerce store, we always do tablet and mobile-friendly work. The best thing is that you don't have to pay a single penny for such kinds of services. Additionally, our made sites are fully secure and easy to customize.
Can you help me rank high in Google?
Google is an AI tool that ranks only those websites which are fully SEO optimized. The reason is simple Google wants its users to direct them where they belong. Personally, we suggest that you should get our SEO services package and fasten your seatbelts to break all your previous records.
Can you help with my social media?
Social media management is an entirely different thing. It involves many social media platforms depending upon your choice. Basically, in social media marketing, you convey your message to a targeted audience. Our SMO package will suit you the most if you have the budget for social media marketing.
Can you manage SEO for my website?
As we discussed previously, you can grab our SEO package. By purchasing this, you can get all SEO statistics with an SEO audit. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied with our services then, you can unsubscribe from our SEO package at any time. Ad hoc services are also included in this package.
How much does a website cost?
Websites are of various types; if you're not sure about your budget and want estimation, then you're free to contact our customer support. But before contacting us, you must have a vague structure of the sample to assess a more realistic budget for you.
Are there any other costs for my website?
As we claim no hidden charges, it's our responsibility to let you know where your money will be spent and what the subscription timeframe will be. Domain and Hosting charges are included in our package initially, but after one year, you have to re-subscribe hosting charges. Besides this, there are no charges.
What happens to the copyright of my website if I move to another agency?
As you're investing in your own business, so it's in your ownership. All the copyrights are under you. Furthermore, in the future, if you're are not satisfied with us and need to move on to another hosting, then you're free to go with 100% ownership. Moreover, our customer support team also assists you in shifting your domain at zero cost.
If WordPress is free, why do I pay for your services?
It is submitted for your good information that there are no WordPress charges, but we're offering multiple services. Our services are not free, and you'll be charged for web development and its services, not for WordPress account creation. If you’re still confused, then our 24/7 customer support will assist you more about it.
How long does it take to see results from SEO?
Identically it took 6months to 1 year to recognize google about your authority as it increases with time and better SEO. Google is a search engine, who has all the rights to change its algorithms at any time. In case of any major change, there might be a disturbance in the graph, but it will not be much disturbing. To get better results, you must have to get our SEO services constantly.
Can I purchase my own domain?
We charge only for our standard services irrespective of your domain purchase; our service charges will remain the same, but you're free to purchase your domain from any service provider.
What is Reseller Hosting?
If you're willing to sell our services to a third party, then we offer reseller hosting with much more advanced features. In addition, you will get a separate dashboard to deal with your customers and associated issues on your own.
Can I make money by joining a Reseller Hosting Program?
Yes, why not many of our clients are already making hundreds of dollars just by reselling our services. With just a chunk of dollars, you can start your own business and consultancy services. The best thing is that you’re not bound to us fix your margins as per your own wish and start selling today.
Is there a limit to how much I can sell as a Reseller?
As such, there is no limit, but you just need to manage your stock on your own. In case of any package, Expiry Company will not be responsible.
Does i2ri support my clients?
I2RI does not offer its services directly to the third party, but it supports its direct clients and resolves their issues. If you're a reseller and want to address issues of your customers, then you will get your own dashboard.
What is your expertise as a platform builder company?
Being an IT service provider company, we have expertise in project management and data center management. With an experience of 15 years in IT, Now we also stepped into website building services from 6 years. From SEO to social media marketing, we have almost every solution to your problem.
What is an IPTV Reseller Panel?
IPTV reseller panel is a dashboard that allows you to set up customer's accounts, activate and manage connexions. After this, you can connect your client IPs to our IPTV servers.
How does IPTV reselling works?
First of all, you will get your account and subscribe IPTV reseller package. This package comes with a panel to manage your customers and enables you to activate their services. After this, you just have to make your account subscribed to all the time. You can also set up multiple packages of your own for customers' billing.
What services do we give for online backup?
As the name suggests, our site saves all your setting and system information. In case of package expiry or any other system blackout, we save all setting and make their backup in our cloud storage from where you can restore your online backup in a couple of minutes.
What type of services do we give for worldwide payment gateway?
Whether you have a website of any service-providing company or an ecommerce store, a mobile application, or any online gaming tools, we almost serve in every field. If you're willing to know more, then click here ( https://moneyswift.ca )and get your own personalized package. But remember one thing we accept payments only through credit cards and PayPal.
How secure are we for Worldwide payment gateway services?
If you have to choose us only for one reason, then it will be our pride on the security of our system. We have made our payment gateways not only secure but also end-to-end encrypted. If we talk about application security, then it has the most advanced firmware, which makes it unbeatable. For more details, please visit https://moneyswift.ca

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