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We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.

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Would you like to get more information about the services we offer? Do you have general inquiries or questions? Our friendly customer service is more than happy to help you out and assist you! You can reach us via phone or live chat! Do not hesitate to contact us!

Customer Chat

Our customer chat is available to you 24/7 all year around. Our experts will answer all of your questions and give you further information about our services!

Premium Line

We understand that it is easier sometimes to talk to an expert in person. Therefore, you can call us anytime. Our staff will answer your questions and help you choose the best service based on your needs! You have troubles with one of our services or you are not sure which option is the best solution for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you!

We love dreams

We from i2ri.ca love dreams and we want to support you and your dreams too!
Have you ever thought about starting your own reseller business? Often, getting started is the hardest part. And this is also the part where most people struggle and give up.
We want to help you to make your dream come true. Therefore, i2ri.ca is your reliable partner when it comes to starting your own reseller business. We offer a wide variety of different services and solutions for everyone. Be it SEO and Marketing services, IPTV, telecommunication services, payment gateways, online backups, or hosting services, you will find the best option for you on our website.
Additionally, we also sell existing and successful websites. If you want to start your own business as fast as possible without any struggles, buying an existing website is the best option for you! You do not need to worry about setting up your own website and customizing our solution to market it under your own brand. Just buy a running website that already attracts a great number of users. There is no need to try to drive more traffic to the website since it is already well known.
Whatever solution you choose for you and your business, we are more than happy to support you. Our goal is to make your dream come true!

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The reason for our success

Every day we strive to fulfill your dreams. Our aim is to make you and your business successful. And this is the reason for our success!
We want to support you with the best solution, be it a reseller solution or an existing website. Whatever you choose, we will support you, answer all your questions, and help you to get to the top.
We offer different services from a wide range of industries. Be it SEO and marketing, IPTV, telecommunication, or hosting - at i2ri.ca you will always find the best option for you and your business.
Furthermore, we have numerous experts within the different industries. In case you have any questions, our qualified staff will assist you and help you find the best option for you and your business. Therefore, our clients are especially satisfied and happy with our services.
Just send us a message and we will help you start your business! At i2ri.ca we want to help you make your dream come true!




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